Who we are


Come and meet us and find out why

Who we are

We are a team of professionals, dynamic and efficient, born to meet the expectations of the customer and with the aim of pursuing their full satisfaction, offering the guarantee of building with the utmost consistency and according to high quality standards.

What do we do

We want you to feel the experience of living in a dream place. At Rafiki Village we have wonderful villas, available both for purchase, so you can enjoy the property whenever you want, and for rent to spend the best holidays of your life.

...something about us

Everything was born thanks to a dream, Elena and Massimo, Azzurra and Daniele left for their "first time" in Kenya, four friends, so much desire to discover new lands and new cultures, to meet new faces that tell their story.

Watamu, in Swahili the local language, means "sweet people", it welcomes us in the best way giving us unique emotions, so strong to feel the need to share them with other people. This is how the project RAFIKI was born, in Swahili AMICO, our dream, our passion that comes from the heart, now become reality. 

Starting from the choice of the land, in the Africa that everyone dreams of: among children, people, artists, artisans, and why not, some cows and goats that freely graze, beaches, sea and extraordinary landscapes, this is how our project begins.

What sets us apart:
"Our main duty in this life is to help others." 

Helping people is part of us, from the beginning we have worked to create jobs for local people, the construction of Rafiki Tamu Residential Resort allows us to work daily for over 100 people ... people made happy because thanks to this will be able to support their families and their children decently. 

We fell in love with it all, we continue to put passion and heart into everything we do, and you?
Do you have a dream? 
We take care of your dream and help you to make it come true, becoming an active part of this project, right along with us.

Why choose Rafiki?






Elena and Massimo Azzurra and Daniele

Massimo Nativi

The builder's soul has been transmitted to me by my parents since I was a child, I share all this with Elena who, in addition to this extraordinary project of Rafiki Village, we are also entrepreneurs in Italy in various fields; we love to travel but above all we love freedom, personally that simple freedom of being able to decide every day what to do, even simply stay at Rafiki Village sipping a drink on Monday morning. Kenya and its people have taught me so much, sincere values and gratitude. One day very near I will want to return this favor to some of its people by properly gratifying them. The Rafiki Village has allowed us to make dozens of families work for a few years, allowing them a dignified life, today our employees are like brothers to me, I love the happiness in their eyes and I will do everything to give them a better vision of the future, as well as give them an opportunity for professional growth, I will strive to allow them a personal growth. The new Rafiki Tamu project commits us even more on this front and this makes me happy. And always well in mind in every situation "hakuna matata".

Daniele Lo Coco

Fin da bambino i miei genitori mi hanno dato la possibilità di crescere cittadino del mondo e di farmi conoscere persone e culture diverse tra loro, grazie a questo e alla mia dolce metà Azzurra fonte di grande ispirazione ho avuto l’opportunità di costruire la mia persona con un sogno che porto avanti giorno per giorno chiamato viaggio della mia vita . “Non impari a camminare seguendo le regole. Impari facendo e sbagliando”. Non sono un costruttore e all’inizio di questo progetto sapevo ben poco di edilizia. Non mi importava; io avevo già nella mia testa un sogno,un’oasi chiamato Rafiki Village, sapevo che sarebbe stato un posto dove amici di tutto il mondo avrebbero passato momenti piacevoli. Per quanto tu abbia bisogno di una personalità forte per costruire un business da zero, cosa che devi anche capire l'arte della delega. Dobbiamo essere bravi ad aiutare le persone a gestire le singole attività e dobbiamo essere disposti a fare un passo indietro. Abbiamo costruito il Rafiki Village e ora viene gestito totalmente da nostri collaboratori e amici kenioti. Karibuni Kenya