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How to get
There are many Airlines that reach Kenya, it is possible to make direct or stopover flights to reach Mombasa or Malindi.
What is the price of air travel?
Charter flights are operated by Neos, Meridiana, Alitalia and KLM. Prices range from € 700 upwards. Scheduled flights, through foreign airlines, often prove to be cheaper in economic terms, such as Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Egyptair, etc. all make a stopover and prices range from € 450 upwards. Soon the flights will also start for Malindi International Airport, we are all waiting anxiously !!!
How can I get a visa to travel to Kenya?
You must make the visa online you will only need to create your account on the site, equip yourself with passport photos in jpg format, the airline ticket and passport in PDF format, the booking confirmation of the structure where you are staying, will be required a credit card for the payment of the visa itself.
What health precautions should I take to travel to Kenya?
Malaria is almost absent in the coastal area and little present in the parks of the interior, prophylaxis is recommended. The yellow fever vaccine is not required. The hepatitis A and B vaccine and the antitifica are recommended. It is not recommended to eat raw or undercooked foods while it is advisable to consume only water and soft drinks in the bottle, even if in Watamu cases of intolerance are extremely rare.
What is the best time of year to travel to Kenya?
The climate varies a lot between the coastal area and the mountainous interior. However, it is best to avoid the periods between late April and May and between October and November, the rains can annoy the stay. The best season, although more expensive in prices is December-January-February, when the climate is good and you can see the great waves of migratory birds passing through Kenya, but also from July to September with milder climate.

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